Road rage suspect Fumio Miyazaki is surrounded by police officers before he was arrested on a street in Osaka’s Higasi-Sumiyoshi Ward on Aug. 18. (Provided by a resident in the neighborhood)

A suspect who became the national face of road rage in connection with an attack on a driver on an expressway earlier this month was arrested on Aug. 18, according to Ibaraki prefectural police.

The suspect, Fumio Miyazaki, 43, was apprehended on a street in Osaka’s Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward on the morning of Aug. 18. His address and occupation have yet to be established, police added.

Miyazaki had been placed on the nationwide wanted list since Aug. 16, and his mug shot was released and shown in the media.

He is suspected of injuring a 24-year-old company employee of Ami, Ibaraki Prefecture, on the Joban Expressway in Moriya in the prefecture by punching him in the face repeatedly on the early morning of Aug. 10.

Before allegedly assaulting the man, police said Miyazaki tailgated his car and forced him to stop by pulling over in front of him on the expressway.

Miyazaki then allegedly got out of his car and walked to the man’s car shouting, “I will kill you,” and punched him five times or so through the rolled-down driver's-side window, causing injuries to his face and hand.

The injured man called police on the spot and reported the incident to them on Aug. 11.

Miyazaki has also been linked to complaints of reckless driving in Shizuoka and Aichi prefectures on the morning of July 23.

After analyzing footage recorded by dashboard cameras, police found that the license number of the car involved in the cases matched the vehicle that Miyazaki drove.

The vehicle Miyazaki drove was provided as a loaner by a dealership in Kanagawa Prefecture while his car is being repaired.