Photo/Illutration The work Takashi Murakami presented to the previous Doraemon exhibition in 2017 ((C)2017 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. (C)Fujiko-Pro)

A special summer exhibition in Osaka will bring together artworks created by Takashi Murakami and other leading Japanese modern artists themed on Doraemon, the beloved robotic cat from the future.

A total of 28 individuals and groups are joining the Doraemon Exhibition Osaka 2019, which will be held at the Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan from July 12 to Sept. 23.

Created by Fujiko F. Fujio in his manga series “Doraemon,” the titular character has inspired children’s dreams and the works of many artists.

Other artists who will present their works at the event include Makoto Aida, Yoshitomo Nara, Kotobuki Shiriagari and Sebastian Masuda.

The exhibition was previously held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, where the original manga creator was born.

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