A coronavirus outbreak continues spreading rapidly among the crew of an Italian cruise ship docked in Nagasaki with 57 new cases on April 25, pushing the number of crew members infected to 148.

The Costa Atlantica has a crew of 623, meaning that one in four have now tested positive for COVID-19. No passengers are aboard the ship, which is undergoing repair work in Nagasaki Port.

Elsewhere in Japan, 311 new cases were recorded as of 10:30 p.m. on April 25, bringing the total infections to 13,229. Overall deaths were 360, up 15 from the previous day.

The same day, Tokyo registered 103 new cases and seven deaths. The overall death toll reached 100 in the capital.

In Hokkaido, 39 people were found to be infected with the virus. Of these, 26 were confirmed in Sapporo, a single-day high for the prefectural capital.

The number of new cases was 31 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 29 in Osaka Prefecture and 14 in Fukuoka Prefecture, showing no signs of abating.

More infections were detected at health care facilities where outbreaks had already occurred.

In Chiba, three linked to an orthopedic clinic tested positive on April 25. One, a woman in her 80s, is a resident of a nursing home and her infection was confirmed after she was hospitalized at the clinic. One of the remaining two is a woman in her 60s who works at the clinic.

Municipal health authorities say cluster infections occurred at the nursing home and clinic as four had been already found to be infected with the virus at both facilities.

In Yokohama, new infections of three hospitalized patients and three nurses were reported at St. Marianne University School of Medicine's Yokohama City Seibu Hospital, bringing the total to 14 at the facility.