Photo/Illutration Women complain that their spouses don't do enough around the home in this age of teleworking. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

Stress levels among women are going through the roof as more husbands spend time at home teleworking and slacking on household chores, a study suggests.

A survey by home builder Sekisui House Ltd. revealed that stress levels among married women are soaring under the “stay home policy” to prevent a spread of COVID-19 infections.

Many women complained that they feel a much heavier housework burden with their husbands now staying home 24/7.

The online survey in May canvassed the views of about 300 married men and women aged between 20 and 49 who have children of elementary school age or under.

With regard to the question of whether they have more or less stress by staying home longer, more than half of those replying answered that they have “more stress.”

Fifty-one percent of the men answered “more stress,” while 70 percent of the women gave the same answer.

Among reasons for getting stressed out, many people cited “A lack of exercise,” “More housework,” and “The decrease in free time.”

Notably, far more women were dissatisfied with the heavier load for household chores.

At the same time, there were many positive comments, such as: “Don't have to worry about long commutes,” and “More communication among family members.”

“Working at home offers a good opportunity to review household rules which have often been fixed,” said Renge Jibu, a researcher at Showa Women’s University who specializes in gender issues. “Men should face the fact that they rely too much on women in terms of housework.”