Photo/Illutration The Osaka prefectural police headquarters (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

OSAKA--Four Osaka police officers found themselves on the wrong side of the law after they admitted to smoking marijuana.

Investigation sources of the Osaka prefectural police said the men are all in their early 20s.

The shocking revelation followed the June 4 arrest of 22-year-old Ryota Kurakawa of the Sakai Police Station after cannabis was found in his home.

His confiscated smartphone contained messages that indicated he and the three other officers used marijuana.

The three attended the same police academy and were in the same year as Kurakawa, who joined the Osaka prefectural police in April 2018.

The three officers worked at different police stations from Kurakawa and admitted to using marijuana after being introduced to the drug by Kurakawa.

Kurakawa is in police custody while an investigation is carried out into the matter. The other three were ordered by the prefectural police to stay at home.

They will face disciplinary measures, the sources said.

Police found 0.16 gram of cannabis in a bag while searching Kurakawa’s home in Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture.

No marijuana was found in the residences of the other officers.

In the absence of evidence of possession, there is little likelihood they will be arrested, the sources said.

“We do not have full details yet as we are still investigating," said an audit office member at Osaka prefectural police. "But once we get result, we will take appropriate disciplinary steps.”