Photo/Illutration Members of a patrol unit in Tokyo's Toshima Ward caution pedestrians in the Ikebukuro entertainment district to be aware of the risks of COVID-19 infection. (Hiroyuki Yamamoto)

For the third straight day, Tokyo reported a record number of COVID-19 infections since the lifting of the state of emergency for the capital on May 25.

There were 131 new cases on July 4, sources said. That follows daily figures of 107 on July 2 and 123 on July 3.

Tokyo reported 55 new infections on June 24, the first time the daily figure topped 50 in 50 days.

The tally dipped under 50 the following day to 48, but it has since been above 50 every day, including 54 on June 26, 57 on June 27, 60 on June 28, 58 on June 29, 54 on June 30, and 67 on July 1.

The highest number of COVID-19 infections for a single day is the 206 on April 17.