Photo/Illutration Asics Corp.'s Evoride Orphe smart shoes (Provided by Asics Corp.)

Runners craving advice on how to improve their style and form need look no further than down at their shoes.

Asics Corp. on July 21 began accepting reservations for orders of its new Evoride Orphe “smart shoes,” which feature built-in sensors that offer a visible way for runners to analyze their performance.

Sensors stored inside the soles convert foot movements when running into digital data that reveals the characteristics of the wearer's running style.

A special app for the shoes breaks down the data and provides advice on how runners can adjust their movements and on training programs they can try out.

Asics developed the shoes jointly with no new folk studio Inc., a startup company.

The sporting goods maker is taking reservations for limited quantities of the shoes until Oct. 18 on crowdfunding website Makuake.

A pair outfitted with sensors sells for 31,500 yen ($295), excluding tax. A pair without them are 11,500 yen.