Set up on top of Mount Iwatake in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, a swing set with two seats can make riders feel like being Heidi from the classic anime series "Heidi, Girl of the Alps." (Kazuki Endo)

HAKUBA, Nagano Prefecture--For those who loved watching Heidi in their youths, there's a swing here that brings back memories of the young Swiss orphan girl. 

Set on top of the 1,289-meter-high Mount Iwatake, a two-seat swing set called "Yoo-Hoo! Swing" offers a spectacular view of the Northern Japan Alps.

It makes riders feel like they are flying out into the grandeur, causing a stir among social media users who say it looks like the swing from the opening sequence of the classic anime series "Heidi, Girl of the Alps."

"It is sheep, not goats, that live in the Northern Alps, but you can immerse yourself in the world of Heidi," said a representative of Hakuba Resort Development Co., which installed the swing on Aug. 28. 

Hakuba Resort Development operates aerial gondola systems on Mount Iwatake and elsewhere for visitors to enjoy views of the Northern Alps to the fullest.

Made from iron, the swing is about 3.6 meters tall and 4 meters wide. Visitors can enjoy the swing for two minutes for 500 yen ($4.70), with a song from the Heidi anime series being played during the ride.

It offers a panoramic view of Mount Shirouma-Yarigatake, Mount Shakushidake and Mount Shiroumadake on a clear day, making it appear as if it is a scene from the anime.

Sightseers are flocking to the Yoo-hoo! Swing to experience "being" Heidi.

A 36-year-old company employee and his wife from Kanagawa Prefecture said they felt so free and that it reminded them of Heidi.

A 6-year-old girl, who came from Toyama Prefecture after learning about the swing on social media, said it was such a fun ride.

The swing will be closed on Nov. 9.