Photo/Illutration Typhoon No. 14 brings high waves along the coast of Aoshima island in Miyazaki as it approaches the area on Oct. 8. (Hideki Yanaru)

Powerful Typhoon No. 14 is likely to approach western Japan on Oct. 9 while gaining strength and could make landfall in eastern Japan on Oct. 10, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

As the typhoon moved northward over waters east of the Amami region of Kagoshima Prefecture on the morning of Oct. 8, it generated extremely strong winds in the Amami and Kyushu regions, the JMA said.

The typhoon also brought stormy conditions to Okinawa Prefecture and Kyushu, with Amami hit particularly hard by the rough weather, according to the JMA.

The typhoon is forecast to have maximum instantaneous winds of 126 kph in southern Kyushu and Amami, as well as the Shikoku, Tokai and Kanto-Koshin regions, from Oct. 8 through Oct. 9. The winds are also expected to reach 108 kph in northern Kyushu and the Kinki region.

The typhoon’s journey northward is expected to enhance a seasonal rain front in the south of Japan, making it more active and bringing heavy rains to some parts of the country.

Expected rainfall for the 24-hour period through noon on Oct. 9 is up to 150 milliliters for the Izu Peninsula, Tokai and Kinki, and up to 120 mm in Shikoku and northern Kyushu.

As of 11 a.m. on Oct. 8, the typhoon was traveling northward over the sea about 340 kilometers east of Amami at a speed of 15 kph with a central barometric pressure of 970 hectopascals.