Photo/Illutration Kajima Corp. shows off an "assist machine" that is being used to attach external walls at a construction site in Yokohama’s Nishi Ward on Nov. 17. (Satoshi Kimura)

YOKOHAMA--The newest helpers at a construction site here don't need breaks and will work until they're programmed to stop.

Kajima Corp., a leading general contractor, is showing off cutting-edge robots it is using to assist with building.

The company said it aims to use the robots to cover personnel shortages and improve the labor environment.

Kajima showed off its Yokohama Gate Tower construction site in the Minato Mirai area in Yokohama’s Nishi Ward to the media on Nov. 17 to offer a glimpse of what the future of construction could look like.

Two workers used a robot called an “assist machine” to set up external walls. Normally cranes would be used from the rooftop for this task, but the company said the machine can save on labor and time.

The contractor also showed off a robot that automatically smooths concrete floors.

Kajima aims to increase productivity by 30 percent by 2024 through these kinds of tools.

The company plans to establish a consortium with Shimizu Corp. to reduce costs for developing robots.