Photo/Illutration From left, Caviar Salt, Caviar Soy Sauce and Salted Fresh Pepper with Olive Oil released by Japan Caviar Inc. (Hiroyuki Kikuchi)

MIYAZAKI--A company here debuted what it hopes will be the creme de la creme of soy sauces--the world’s first made with caviar.

But those who want to try out Japan Caviar Inc.’s Caviar Soy Sauce on their sushi and sashimi shouldn’t sweat over shelling out for it.

A 30-gram jar sells for just 1,980 yen ($19), including tax, although Motoo Sakamoto, the company’s president, said caviar generally costs 10,000 yen per 20 grams, excluding tax.

Japan Caviar released the soy sauce on Dec. 11 with two other condiments, Caviar Salt and Salted Fresh Pepper with Olive Oil.

“Our new processed products can make regular meals extra special when they’re used on days worth celebrating like the New Year holidays and at house parties,” Sakamoto told a news conference.

Sakamoto’s company produces caviar from sturgeon raised in Miyazaki Prefecture. The product is marketed under the Miyazaki Caviar 1983 brand because local farmers began growing sturgeon in 1983 through technical cooperation with the former Soviet Union.

Caviar Soy Sauce and Caviar Salt are made using Miyazaki Caviar 1983.

The soy sauce is made from an aged mixture of caviar and soy sauce produced only from soybeans and salt using a traditional method.

Caviar Salt is a rock salt blended with crushed dried caviar. A set of 10 bags containing two grams goes for 1,680 yen.

The company says it is good for deep-fried dishes such as tempura. Sakamoto also recommended using it on baked potatoes with butter.

To produce Salted Fresh Pepper with Olive Oil, raw green peppercorns grown in Miyazaki Prefecture are aged in olive oil. A 36-gram jar costs 2,980 yen.

The company says it helps bring out the flavor of meat.

Japan Caviar is mainly selling the condiments on Rakuten, Amazon and other online outlets for the time being.