Photo/Illutration Health care workers at a hospital in Miyoshi, Saitama Prefecture, take a COVID-19 patient with a ventilator on to an ICU on Jan. 5. The infected person was transferred from another medical institution after the patient's condition worsened. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

A third wave of COVID-19 cases in Japan showed no signs of abating in January, with 154,247 new cases and 2,261 deaths from the disease reported, both record highs for a single month.

A total of 2,673 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus nationwide on Jan. 31 as of 8:30 p.m., the first time in six days Japan's daily number of new infections fell below 3,000.

Sixty-five new deaths from the virus were also reported.

The number of COVID-19 patients listed as serious cases fell by one from the previous day to 973 nationwide as of Jan. 30.

Tokyo confirmed 633 new cases on Jan. 31, the most in Japan, dipping below 1,000 for the third consecutive day. The number of patients meeting the capital’s definition of serious cases dropped by one from the day before to 140.

Osaka Prefecture reported 214 new infections on Jan. 31, while Aichi Prefecture confirmed 121 new cases. Aichi had a record high 724 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Jan. 30.