Photo/Illutration A 30-square-meter guest room available for a special long-term stay plan at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo is shown. Guests can stay for 30 nights at a cost of 360,000 yen. (Provided by Imperial Hotel Ltd.)

For those who always wanted to live in a luxurious hotel, Imperial Hotel Ltd. is offering the chance in Tokyo for a month without breaking the bank. 

The company on Feb. 1 announced that guests can stay in a room at Imperial Hotel Tokyo, measuring 30 square meters, for 360,000 yen ($3,430) for 30 nights, including taxes.

The long-stay discount campaign comes as fewer travelers are staying at the hotel during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been seeing an occupancy rate of about 10 percent. 

The hotel is hoping to attract business owners or well-heeled customers, who will use the rooms either as remote offices or a second home. Up to two guests can stay in the room with breakfast provided.

The hotel is also offering a plan priced at 150,000 yen for five nights.

It started to accept reservations on the same day. A hotel official said that they have already received inquiries numbering in the many dozens.

The campaign for those plans will run from March 15 through July 15.

Guests can also use the services of hotel staff and fitness rooms and other facilities free of charge.

Ninety-nine guest rooms, about 10 percent of the total in the hotel, are being made available for the long-term stay plans. Two kinds of guest rooms will be available: a 30-square-meter room or a 50-square-meter room priced at 600,000 yen for 30 nights.

In the hotel, microwaves and washers and dryers are placed in common areas on the floors for the use of customers on long-term stays.

The hotel also offers additional options to allow guests to access laundry services at 30,000 yen per month and room service for 60,000 yen per month. Under the room service option, guests can request cakes and curry be delivered for an unlimited number of times.

Other top hotels are offering discounted long-term stay plans. New Otani Co. will offer a special plan in Hotel New Otani Tokyo until the end of March. Guests can book a standard room for 120,000 yen for six nights, including taxes.