Photo/Illutration The Gran Theater at the Aeon Cinema Theatus Shinsaibashi in Osaka’s Chuo Ward offers only three rows of three electric reclining seats. (Mayo Tomioka)

OSAKA--With only nine seats, a movie theater here is offering film showings in the lap of luxury and protection against the novel coronavirus.

The Gran Theater is part of the Aeon Cinema Theatus Shinsaibashi, a seven-screen multiplex that opened on the 12th floor of the Shinsaibashi Parco commercial complex on March 16.

Anti-virus measures are in force throughout the multiplex to guard against the spread of COVID-19.

All of the 382 seats are separated by partitions to prevent droplets from a moviegoer landing on others, and each one is equipped with armrests. The seats, doors and walls are coated with antibacterial and antiviral agents.

The exclusive Gran Theater also focuses on providing privacy, offering only three rows of three electric reclining seats.

The leather-covered, soft seats are roomy and comfortable, making it easy for audience members to change their posture and stretch their legs.

The face and movements of the person sitting in the adjacent seat are blocked by the partition to allow each moviegoer to focus on whatever film is showing. The dividers can be lowered when family members, friends and couples sit side by side.

The Gran Theater also went to great lengths to achieve perfect sound quality.

It is equipped with the Dolby Atmos system that produces surround sound. Thirty-seven speakers are installed on the ceiling and walls, more than four times that of a theater of comparable size.

Audience members can also experience stereoscopic sound, such as rain falling from above.

Keisuke Inoue, general manager at the multiplex, said the theater offers an experience that is a cut above streaming services at home.

“We want audiences to enjoy movies on a big screen with great sound quality,” said Inoue, 44. “We want to provide a movie-watching experience and memories.”

The 4,000 yen ($36.40) admission price includes a craft beer or other beverage and a snack. Other theaters also come with lie-flat and reclining seats.