Photo/Illutration A Lego set of the Space Shuttle Discovery for adults (Yoshikatsu Nakajima)

Lego Japan Ltd. is expanding its line of products for adults to help them better piece together a stay-at-home life in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand’s building blocks have traditionally been designed for children. They have also served as painful reminders to parents to tell their kids to put their toys away.

But new Lego sets themed on artworks, cars and bonsai trees that can be used as interior decorations will allow even sore-footed adults to get more involved in the fun.

The company had been preparing to expand the product line for adults even before the novel coronavirus pandemic struck. About 60 products released last year sold well thanks to stay-at-home demand.

The company intends to add another 60 items for adults this year.

On April 1, the company released a Lego set of the Space Shuttle Discovery for adults. Consisting of 2,354 blocks, it is characterized by an uncompromising attention to detail.

Other adult sets include a portrait of the Beatles and a bouquet of flowers. Some products consist of nearly 10,000 pieces.

“There is a growing need among adults to further enrich their leisure time,” Lego Japan President Atsushi Hasegawa said about the expanded product line.

The effort is aimed at cultivating adult fans amid the falling birthrate.

The company also hopes that children will take up the hobby after watching their parents build blocks.

“We will continue to release models that can be seen as cool by adults and make them want to display them in their rooms," Hasegawa said.