Photo/Illutration A Toyota Motor Corp. factory in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, in 2018 (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

Toyota Motor Corp. will aim to make all its global factories carbon neutral by 2035, a senior executive said on Friday, pulling forward the goal by 15 years from 2050.

Toyota’s chief production officer Masamichi Okada said the automaker will focus initially on introducing new technologies for processes such as painting, coating and casting.

“In this way, the processes that have high generation of CO2 will be focused on to reduce as much as possible, or even eliminate CO2 emissions,” Okada told an online media briefing.

“By identifying these areas, we will focus our resources and we believe that will contribute to shorten the time until we can achieve carbon neutrality,” he added.

Okada also said Japan’s manufacturing technology, or “monozukuri” in Japanese, can expand options for contributing to carbon neutrality.