Photo/Illutration Onlookers try to take pictures of a 3D video advertisement display of a giant cat that was recently installed in Tokyo's famed Shinjuku shopping district on July 9. (AP Photo)

Fresh COVID-19 cases in Tokyo inched closer to the 1,000 mark on July 10 as metropolitan government authorities confirmed 950 new patients.

The figure represented an increase of 234 over the previous Saturday and marked three straight weeks of daily tally figures exceeding that of the same day of the previous week.

The daily average of new cases for the week ending July 10 was 720.1, an increase of 27.9 percent over the previous week.

Of the latest cases, 301 patients were in their 20s, 186 in their 30s, 172 in their 40s and 107 in their 50s. Forty-eight patients were aged 65 or older.

There were 63 COVID-19 patients with symptoms serious enough to require ventilators or other apparatus to help them breathe. The figure was an increase of one over the previous day.