Photo/Illutration Pedestrians cross a street in Tokyo's Shinjuku district on July 29. (Kazuyoshi Sako)

A new record for the total number of COVID-19 cases around Japan was to be set on July 30 as the preliminary total already exceeded the 10,693 recorded the previous day.

Tokyo metropolitan government officials said the host city of the Summer Olympics recorded 3,300 new cases on July 30, the third straight day the daily tally has exceeded 3,000.

The daily average for the week ending July 30 for the capital was 2,501.4, which represented an increase of 80.5 percent over the previous week.

Once again, almost half of the new patients were under 40, with 1,208 in their 20s, 725 in their 30s, 515 in their 40s and 324 in their 50s. There were another 275 aged between 10 and 19, but only 82 who were 65 or older.

The metropolitan government said a record 1,367 of the latest patients were found with the highly virulent Delta variant. It also reported two more fatalities from COVID-19 as well as 88 patients with symptoms serious enough to require the use of a ventilator or other equipment to breathe.

The figure was an increase of seven from the previous day.

In neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture, local government officials said there were 1,418 new COVID-19 cases on July 30, the third consecutive day the daily tally figure has hit a new high.

The latest figure was about 250 higher than the 1,164 of the previous day.

Chiba, another neighboring prefecture, also set a record on July 30 with 753 new COVID-19 cases. The daily average for the week ending July 30 was 485.7, more than 200 higher than the average of 272.9 for the week until July 23.

Meanwhile, in southern Okinawa Prefecture, 382 new cases were reported on July 30, 10 fewer than the daily record set the previous day.

The number of new cases over the past week per 100,000 residents was 110.84, a figure second only to Tokyo.