Photo/Illutration Kamomejima island, front, and the town of Esashi in Hokkaido (Provided by the Esashi town office)

ESASHI, Hokkaido--Although complete with a lighthouse, a camping site and swimming beaches, Kamomejima island here is off the beaten path for tourists.

The Esashi Tourism Convention Association is trying to change all that.

Capitalizing on its natural and cultural resources, the association will offer unique camping experiences on the island from Aug. 21.

“We want to provide sightseeing experiences with something extra,” Esashi Mayor Yonosuke Terui said. “We hope it helps reinvigorate the local economy hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic.”

Esashi, once flourishing as a herring fishing town and as a port of call for Kitamaebune merchant ships during the Edo Period (1603-1867), remains rich with merchant houses and other historical legacies.

The Kamomejima Marineping enterprise offers a rare chance of camping in a seaside location.

Limited to one group of guests per night, the Marineping package allows visitors to stay in a dome-shaped tent with a diameter of 6 meters, equipped with two full-size beds. Campers can choose either a barbecue set or a seafood treat for dinner.

The Tebura Camp package offers a complete set of camping equipment for rental and assistance to set up the tent at the camping site on the top of the island. Guests are encouraged to join a guided tour around the island or try their hand at crab fishing, while they are treated to a barbecue dinner.

Day-trippers can also enjoy maritime activities such as a guided tour and fishing experience.

On a rainy day, guests are invited to observe the salvaged warship Kaiyomaru and walk around Inishie Kaido Street, which is dotted with historical buildings.

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