Photo/Illutration People wearing face masks wait for a train as it approaches a station in Tokyo, Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021. (AP Photo)

Tokyo metropolitan government officials on Sept. 10 confirmed 1,242 new novel coronavirus cases, down 1,297 from a week ago, along with 15 deaths among patients in their 40s to 90s.

The tally marked the 19th consecutive day for the number of new COVID-19 cases in the capital to drop from the same day a week previously. 

It brought the daily average of new infections in Tokyo over the week through Sept. 10 to 1651.9, or 57.0 percent of the figure for the preceding week.

The average number of diagnostic tests conducted in the capital over the three days through Sept. 9 stood at 11,015.3.

The number of patients in Tokyo with symptoms serious enough to require special breathing equipment dropped by eight from the previous day to 243 on Sept. 10.

Of the latest 1,242 COVID-19 cases, 330 patients were in their 20s, followed by 222 in their 30s, 210 in their 40s and 142 in their 50s. Children under the age of 10 accounted for 106 cases, while 98 patients were 65 or older.