Photo/Illutration A couple wearing face masks walk through a path lined with restaurants during lunch time in Tokyo on Sept. 10. (AP Photo)

Tokyo logged 611 new COVID-19 cases on Sept. 13, down 357 from the previous Monday, the 22nd straight day the daily count has fallen from a week ago, metropolitan health officials said.

The seven-day average of newly confirmed infections in the capital over the week through Sept. 13 was 1,333, representing 55.2 percent of the figure for the preceding week. Tests conducted from Sept. 10 to Sept. 12 averaged 6,532.

The number of serious cases--patients requiring the use of a ventilator or ECMO heart-lung bypass machine--was down five from the previous day to 225.

There were 12 new deaths from the disease.

Of the 611 new cases, patients in their 20s accounted for 165, followed by 115 in their 30s, 91 in their 40s, 71 in their 50s, 61 teenagers and 54 children under 10. Patients aged 65 or older totaled 40.