Photo/Illutration High-rises, including one housing the Tokyo metropolitan government building, in the Shinjuku district of the capital (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

Freshly confirmed cases of COVID-19 continued to fall in Tokyo with the tally reaching 862 on Sept. 18, a decrease of 411 from the previous Saturday. 

Sept. 18 marked the 27th straight day for the daily count to stay below the figure of the same day of the previous week, metropolitan government officials said.

However, 20 deaths attributed to COVID-19 were reported the same day as well as 177 patients with symptoms serious enough to warrant the use of a ventilator or other equipment to breathe. The figure was a decrease of two from the previous day.

For the week ending Sept. 18, the daily average of new cases in Tokyo was 887, or 59.3 percent of the average of the previous week.

Of the latest cases, 248 patients were in their 20s, 163 in their 30s, 117 in their 40s and 95 in their 50s. Fifty-four patient were aged 65 or older.