Photo/Illutration A long shadow is cast on an alley from a woman wearing a protective mask as she reads her smartphone on Oct. 1 in Tokyo. (AP Photo)

Tokyo confirmed its lowest number of fresh daily novel coronavirus infections this year with 19 cases on Oct. 24, metropolitan government officials said. The previous record low of 29 was marked on Oct. 18.

The latest tally was down 21 from a week ago and brought the daily average of new infections in the capital over the week through Oct. 24 to 31.3, or 51.8 percent of the figure for the preceding week.

No fatalities from COVID-19 were reported in Tokyo on Oct. 24.

The number of patients with serious symptoms requiring special breathing equipment came to 22, the same as the previous day.

Of the 19 latest cases, five patients, the most, were in their 20s. Two patients were aged 65 or older.