KYOTO--A startup company here developed a 3-D printer that can create chairs, benches and other items measuring up to 3 meters by 3 meters by 3 meters.

Slab Inc.’s printer is called Chashitsu, which means “traditional tea house” in Japanese, and it is among the world’s largest.

The device forms a shape by piling layers of plastic melted at 200 degrees or higher at the print head. Various plastic materials can be applied.

Although it can print out small boats and doors for automobiles, extra reinforcement and treatment processes will be required for their practical use.

Slab is looking to further improve Chashitsu so that it can place concrete or spray noncombustible materials at construction sites.

Slab, which manufactures machine tools, plastic molding systems and standard 3-D printers, decided to develop Chashitsu because its president, Seiichi Yuyama, 49, wanted to see “how large we can make one.”

The name was picked because Slab is based in the ancient capital of Kyoto.

The printer is expected to become commercially available for around 40 million yen ($350,000).