Photo/Illutration Gen Sudo, right, president of Japan Michelin Tire Co., and Seiji Honjo, an executive officer, announce the Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Wakayama 2022 edition. (From an online conference)

The latest edition of the Michelin Guide to fine dining in Kyoto and Osaka now includes a special section for Wakayama Prefecture.

Japan Michelin Tire Co. lists 500 restaurants in its Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Wakayama 2022 edition.

It ranks six eateries in Kyoto and three in Osaka with its highest three-star rating, but no new entries are included.

Two-star ratings are given to 19 restaurants in Kyoto and 11 in Osaka, including Numata, a tempura restaurant in Osaka’s Kita Ward, for the first time.

Vegan Ramen Uzu, a noodle shop in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ward whose dishes are free of animal products, gets a mention in the Bib Gourmand category as offering good value for money.

The company continued to issue its annual guidebook in spite of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has raged for nearly two years.

“Inspectors had to re-arrange their schedules due to changes in restaurant operating hours and other conditions, but they were able to visit them to provide reviews,” said Gen Sudo, president of Michelin's Japanese arm, during an online conference.

He said the company published the guide to show support for restaurants that went the extra mile under such adverse conditions.

In addition to the Tokyo and Kyoto Osaka editions that are updated every year, the guidebook reviews restaurants in local cities.

Eateries in Wakayama Prefecture were covered for the latest edition, listing 85 restaurants.

Villa Aida in Iwade is one of the two restaurants awarded two stars, the highest rating in the prefecture.

Known for using seasonal vegetables grown in an adjacent garden, it also received a Green Star award for its efforts in sustainable practices.