Photo/Illutration Participants of a tour to view the National Stadium, the main venue of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, pose for a photo with shirts used by volunteers for the event on Nov. 28. (Takuya Isayama)

After being kept out of the National Stadium during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, people are eager to enter and see the main venue for themselves. 

A tour of the stadium is proving popular with visitors getting to stand on a medal ceremony podium and opportunities for other gold-medal worthy photos.

Tour participants are allowed to visit only a limited section of the stadium, namely some areas in the northern section.

However, they can still enjoy views of the wood eaves that noted architect Kengo Kuma designed and the spectator seats painted in earth-tone colors to create a forest mosaic effect. 

The tour will be held only on Sundays and national holidays because work is under way there to remove facilities installed for the Olympics at the stadium on other days.

To join a tour, a reservation must be made through the stadium's website:(