Photo/Illutration French fries are a popular menu item of McDonald’s. (Provided by McDonald’s Japan)

French fry junkies will get the short end of the stick at McDonald's Japan outlets starting on Dec. 24, with medium and large-size packets of its fries off the menu for a week. 

McDonald’s Japan announced on Dec. 21 that it would only sell small portions of its popular staple through Dec. 30 because of a potato shortage. 

The company blamed heavy rain and flooding in western Canada in November for disrupting the supply chain at the Port of Vancouver. As a consequence, a shipment of North American potatoes aren't arriving in Japan on time. 

The announcement will affect nearly all the 2,900 McDonald’s outlets across Japan. During the seven days, the value set and value lunch set will be served with a small-size fries only with a 50-yen ($0.43) discount, if customers choose the staple as their side menu option.

Those set meals are normally served with a medium-size fries when chosen off the side menu.

"PoteNage DAI" and "PoteNage TOKUDAI," both set meals that include chicken nuggets and medium- or large-size fries, will not be offered during the period.

The company had coped with the potato shortage by transporting the vital cargo from abroad by air.

However, it intends to ensure that it has enough of a supply on hand by limiting the popular menu option. It will resume serving fries in all sizes from 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 31.

Fries ordered on their own and not as part of a set are priced at 150 yen for a small size, 280 yen for a medium size and 330 yen for a large size, including tax.