OSAKA--The landmark Tsutenkaku Tower already boasts stunning views of this city from its observation deck.

But the tower is adding a 60-meter-long slide with a 30-degree incline by the Golden Week holiday period from late April to early May.

Thrill-seekers lying on the backs will be able to hurtle down the transparent spiral tube in 10 or so seconds while gazing up at the Tsutenkaku Tower, which rises to a height of 108 meters.

The Tower Slide will be installed on the outside of the elevator building attached to the tower. It will cover a height difference of about 27 meters from the mid-level observation deck to the first basement level.

Visitor numbers to the tower in the Shinsekai district of Osaka’s Naniwa Ward have plummeted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to make it evolve into an exciting facility and turn a difficult time into an opportunity,” said Ryuko Takai, president of the operator, Tsutenkaku Tourism Co.