Photo/Illutration The entertainment district near Shinbashi Station in Tokyo is practically deserted on Jan. 21. (Naoko Kawamura)

Fresh cases of COVID-19 in Tokyo soared past the 10,000-level for the first time on Jan. 22 as preliminary figures on a nationwide basis went past the 50,000 mark, also a record.

Metropolitan government officials confirmed 11,227 new cases on Jan. 22, the third straight day for a record to be set in the capital.

Osaka Prefecture also broke another record on Jan. 22 with 7,375 new cases, according to prefectural authorities.

Okayama Prefecture in western Japan reported a record 565 cases on Jan. 22.

Governor Ryuta Ibaragi said at a news conference the same day he had submitted a request with the central government for pre-emergency measures to deal with COVID-19 cases in his jurisdiction.