Photo/Illutration Pedestrians walk across the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo on Jan. 6 during a rare snowstorm, which blanketed the capital. (Hiroyuki Yamamoto)

The Kanto region is expected to get a dusting of snow or some rain from the night of Jan. 25 due to the effects of a low-pressure system, which is forecast to form off the Tokai region.

All of Tokyo’s 23 wards could be blanketed with snow overnight. 

The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling on the public to be cautious about disruptions in public transportation systems and icy roads.

According to the JMA, the low-pressure system is expected to form by the night of Jan. 25 and move northeast near the Izu island chain through the morning of Jan. 26.

The snowfall for the 24 hours until noon of Jan. 26 is forecast to be up to 3 centimeters in the northern Kanto region, 2 cm in mountainous areas in the southern Kanto region and 1 cm in low-lying areas in the southern Kanto region.

The JMA said that more snow could fall if there is more rainfall and temperatures drop lower than expected.