Photo/Illutration Station staff wearing protective masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus gesture at the train platform of a station on Feb. 10 in Tokyo. (AP Photo)

Tokyo recorded a doubling in one week of COVID-19 patients with serious symptoms, according to a report presented on Feb. 10 to a panel of experts advising the metropolitan government.

There were 59 patients with serious symptoms as of Feb. 9, close to double the 30 of a week ago, the panel was told at a meeting. 

Moreover, 86 percent of those with serious symptoms were 60 or older.

There was also an increase in the ratio of seniors hospitalized due to COVID-19. While the ratio was 49.1 percent one week ago, the figure had increased to 55 percent as of Feb. 9.

Meanwhile, metropolitan officials said there were 18,891 fresh COVID-19 cases in the capital on Feb. 10, a decrease of 1,788 from the same day a week ago.

The daily average of cases for the week until Feb. 10 was 17,849.7, an increase from the average of 17,058.6 of the previous week.

There were also 64 patients with serious symptoms requiring the use of a ventilator or other equipment to breathe on Feb. 10, an increase of five from the previous day.