Photo/Illutration Cherry trees in full bloom on Mount Yoshinoyama in Nara Prefecture (Nobuhiro Shirai)

YOSHINO, Nara Prefecture--Thousands of cherry trees have burst into full bloom at Mount Yoshinoyama here, offering visitors a magical spectacle of spring for which the area is so renowned.

Long regarded as the perfect spot to view the blossoms, nature this year has once again put on a grand show. A carpet of blossoms lines the slopes, giving the appearance of clouds of cotton wool having descended.

It is said that a visitor can take in as many as 1,000 trees at a glance. The 30,000 or so cherry trees burst into full bloom at different times, depending on the area of the mountain they were planted.

Trees at the base of the mountain are now in full bloom, while those higher up will be the next to bloom in full. Those at the highest levels are expected to fully bloom sometime next week, if the weather holds up.

Yoshino town government officials installed disinfectant dispensers near parking lots and called out to visitors to maintain social distancing while enjoying the cherry blossoms.