Photo/Illutration Prime Minister Fumio Kishida fields questions from reporters after his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London on May 5. (Shinnosuke Ito)

LONDON--Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, one of 63 Japanese individuals recently barred from entering Russia, said on May 5 that Japan will impose additional sanctions against Moscow.

Kishida said during a news conference in London that he had informed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi about the additional sanctions. Japan’s decision was “highly recognized by both of them,” Kishida said.

The new sanctions will freeze the assets of about 140 additional individuals and more Russian banks, the Japanese leader said.

About 70 organizations connected to the Russian military will be added to an export-embargo list, and Japan will halt exports of advanced goods, such as quantum computers, to Russia, Kishida said.

Tokyo and Moscow have engaged in tit-for-tat measures against each other since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Kishida said that he, Johnson and Draghi agreed that the G-7 nations will continue to cooperate to impose severe sanctions against Russia and further support Ukraine.