Photo/Illutration The first Night Market event held in August 2021 (Provided by Shingo Kimura)

MINAMI-UONUMA, Niigata Prefecture--The Night Market will return from Aug. 10-14, creating an extraordinary space here with about 30 food trucks and market stalls each day.

The event is the brainchild of Shingo Kimura, 36, head of the executive committee.

"I want to continue (the Night Market) for many years to come and make it an event that makes people in and outside the prefecture want to see at least once," Kimura said.

The third installment will feature about 60 vendors--among the most booths in the prefecture--joining the five-day event to be held in the “Minami-Uonuma Yukiakari” roadside rest area.

They include 15 food trucks, as well as street vendors offering daily goods, food and drinks, massage services, yoga lessons and other merchandise. After operating from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., new vendors will replace them the following day.

Kimura, who operates a food truck equipped with a wood-fired kiln to serve pizzas, came up with the idea to invigorate the community with its declining population.

The first edition was held in August last year, and it was planned for nine days along the Uonogawa river.

Although the event was only held for four days due to rain, it drew about 5,000 visitors.

The second edition, held in December at a park and an adjacent gymnasium in the city center, drew about 6,000 visitors over five days.

The latest installment will see about 20 more stalls compared to the previous two editions, with an additional 10 or so stalls expected to open each day.

A merry-go-round will also be set up at the venue.

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