Photo/Illutration Pedestrians wearing face masks at a crossing in Tokyo on Aug. 12 (AP Photo)

Tokyo on Aug. 14 reported 22,740 fresh cases of the novel coronavirus, 3,573 fewer than the previous Sunday, and 13 related deaths.

Metropolitan health officials said the count represented the ninth day in a row for the figure to fall from a week earlier.

The fatalities involved patients in their 50s through 90s.

Of the 22,740 newly confirmed cases, patients in their 40s led other age groups, with 4,188. They were followed by 3,947 patients in their 30s, 3,841 in their 20s and 3,094 in their 50s.

Patients aged 65 or older accounted for 2,487 cases.

The occupancy rate for hospital beds for COVID-19 patients stood at 59.3 percent, according to health officials. The figure for hospital beds for COVID-19 patients in serious condition was 36.9 percent.

Serious cases of patients requiring ventilators or ECMO heart-lung bypass machines totaled 42 in the capital on Aug. 14, down one from the previous day, officials added.