Photo/Illutration Rime ice formations stretched by the wind, which some say resemble shrimp tails, are seen near the summit of Mount Takamiyama in Higashi-Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, on Jan. 29. (Satoru Ogawa)

HIGASHI-YOSHINO, Nara Prefecture--Climbers are braving the harsh cold to get a rare glimpse of unique rime icicle formations glittering off the trees on a mountainside in western Japan.

The breathtaking scenery can be found along the 1,248.4-meter summit of Mount Takamiyama, which straddles Higashi-Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, and Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture.

The rime ice formations stretch out in the direction the wind was blowing from. Once water vapor hits the trees, it becomes supercooled and crystallizes. Some call them shrimp tails because their long shape resembles the crustaceans.

Climbers spotted rime icicles more than 20 centimeters long near the summit of the mountain in late January after the cold snap.