The Isumi Line in Chiba Prefecture runs through a picturesque landscape dotted with cherry blossom trees on March 27. (Takahiro Kumakura)

OTAKI, Chiba Prefecture--A local railway is offering tourists a ride providing picturesque views of the charming countryside dotted with cherry blossom trees and fields of mustard flowers.

“You can look closely at the flowers and trees from the window as it is a single-track line,” said an Isumi Railway Co. staff member. “It’s kind of like an amusement park ride.”

The single-track Isumi Line, which the Otaki-based Isumi Railway operates, links Ohara Station in Isumi and Kazusanakano Station in Otaki in the eastern part of the prefecture. The 27-kilometer journey takes about an hour.

The highlight is when the train runs between Higashi-Fusamoto and Kugahara stations where cherry blossom trees form a sakura tunnel for the train.

The spectacular view attracts tourists and train enthusiasts who take photos of the train running through the pinkish "tunnel."