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Before reading this site (Messages from Hiroshima, Messages from Nagasaki)

■ When translating the messages into English, we have edited some of them to make them easier to read. Factual mistakes were corrected as much as possible.
Please understand that the styles and expressions may not always be consistent because we had so many people involved in translating and proofreading these accounts.

■ The messages were basically collected in the Questionnaire conducted 60 years after A-bombing. However, the ones in which the corrections had been requested by the writers were revised.  The messages marked as (2010) were newly received at the time of the Japanese website opening.

■ In the 2005 questionnaire, we asked survivors to write messages, showing some example questions below. Therefore, many messages were written according to these questions.

  • .What do you still remember from your A-bomb experience?
  • .What are your thoughts now about the people who died in the A-bombing?
  • .What do you want to pass on or appeal to the next generations?

■ About the terms categorized how the writer was exposed to the A-bombing:

  • 'Chokubaku' means that the person was exposed to the A-bomb directly in Hiroshima or Nagasaki when the bomb was dropped.
  • 'Nyushi hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation because he/she entered within 2 kilometers of the hypocenter for rescue activities, relative search, etc. within 2 weeks.
  • 'Kyugo hibaku' means that the person might have been exposed to radiation while he/she was undertaking relief activities or processing victims.
  • 'Tainai hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation in his/her mother's uterus before birth.
  • 'Kenshin' means that the person can undergo medical checkup without an A-bomb Survivor Health Book because he/she was in a designated area such as where black rain fell.

These categories are based on the answer for the 2005 questionnaire:

■ 'Age at the time of the A-bombing' in each message is based on August 6, 1945 for Hiroshima or August 9, 1945 for Nagasaki, even if the person entered the city later.

■ There are some cases that have no age or exposure situation given.

■ Some of the writers have already passed away.

■ Some messages are anonymous due to the writer's preference.

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