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Messages from Hiroshima

'Tainai hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation in his/her mother's uterus before birth.

'Kenshin' means that the person can undergo medical checkup without an A-bomb Survivor Health Book because he/she was in a designated area such as where black rain fell.

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Seii Fujita (male)
'Tainai hibaku' 
With a roaring sound,the tram in which my mother was riding, was overturned and she fainted away for a moment. It was pitch-dark all around when she regained consciousness.
Atsushi Koide (male)
'Tainai hibaku' 
From the end of the war, for nearly 20 years and carried all the burden by himself…including the support he had to give to all his family members-elderly parents, a grandmother, there unmarried brothers, a sister, my big brother, my little sister and me.
Hideto Matsuura (male)
'Tainai hibaku' 
I was exposed to radiation while still in the womb... For a long time I had considered myself a second generation survivor of the atomic bombing...(The) director ... recommended that I should apply to receive an Atom Bomb Survivor Health Book. This was when I understood that I was in fact a direct survivor of the bomb.
KT (male)
'Kenshin'  / 10 years old at the time
Shards of broken glass, large and small, were embedded in the faces of pupils sitting by the window. The screaming voice of the classroom teacher, his face frozen with fear of impending death, echoed through the classroom.
Ikuji Oyabu (male)
'others'  / 24 years old at the time
A bright orange flash suddenly filled the sky over the roof of the dock on the wharf, followed later by a thunderous roar.
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