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Messages from Nagasaki

'Tainai hibaku' means that the person was exposed to radiation in his/her mother's uterus before birth.

'Kenshin' means that the person can undergo medical checkup without an A-bomb Survivor Health Book because he/she was in a designated area such as where black rain fell.

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Michiyo Kojima (female)
'Fumei'  / 8 years old at the time
At that very moment,there was a flash of light instantly followed by the tremendous boom of the blast shaking the ground all throwing me aside. It was then that I realised that I was standing in the ditch full of water.
Nobuko Matsuzaka (female)
 25 years old at the time
Countless pieces of broken glass buried themselves into the muscles of my legs from my knees down.
Suzuko Baba (female)
 24 years old at the time
A doctor putting black ink-like medicine on a patient's stomach because there was nothing else he could do when he saw the intestines had come out.
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