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The Asahi Shimbun Asia & Japan Watch, an English edition of The Asahi Shimbun Digital, is a news service that provides real-time news and other content comparable to that of The Asahi Shimbun's print edition with a wealth of digital-only features. Please take notice of the following in using our website:

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Our website has been tested to work with the following browsers. We recommend the use of their latest versions. Some of our content may come with limitations in the browsers with which it can be viewed. Please find more details in the pages of the respective content.

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* We have yet to guarantee, at the moment, that our website works with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Users of Windows 10 are advised to view it with Internet Explorer 11.

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Plug-in software

The Asahi Shimbun Digital includes content that uses videos, animated cartoons, PDF files or other features. Such content can be viewed by installing the following plug-in software products. Those who do not have the plug-ins may download them from the websites given below:


This website uses JavaScript. It may not function properly or be displayed properly if JavaScript is disabled in your browser. We recommend that you enable JavaScript in your browser settings to be able to view all of our content.

Links to This Site

You are, in principle, free to make links to The Asahi Shimbun Digital, provided that they meet certain conditions, such as not being for profit and not being provided in a frame.

When you have set up a link to The Asahi Shimbun Digital, please let us know by email about the content and address of your website, the purpose of your link, your name, your contact information, a statement that you consent to the warnings given below in setting up the link, and other information. We reserve the right to decline your link if it goes against the aims and purposes of The Asahi Shimbun Digital or could harm the business or other operations of The Asahi Shimbun Co. Pages on our website may be modified or deleted without prior notice for reasons of editing or updates. They may also call for access authentication. Please be aware in advance that a link you have set up may become a broken link within a short time.

Terms and Conditions for Links

Please state explicitly, wherever you set up a link, that it provides a link to The Asahi Shimbun Digital. The same applies when you make a link from a story headline to the page of the corresponding story. We decline any links set up in such a way that the information source could be misrepresented, such as when you provide a link under text that simply says, “Today’s news.”

The following shows an example for setting up a link.

The Asahi Shimbun: Former Olympians return to celebrate 50th year of 1964 Tokyo Olympics (Oct. 11, 2014)

We do not approve links with profit-making purposes, such as when you call for advertisements or try to sell goods by touting that you are providing links to The Asahi Shimbun Digital or to news stories of The Asahi Shimbun Digital.

We decline the so-called “frame links” and other types of links, whereby the content of The Asahi Shimbun Digital will be displayed in conjunction with other content or, even when the content of The Asahi Shimbun Digital will be displayed by itself alone, it will be displayed as part of the linking website.

Please also refrain from making links that could, in general, harm trust in, or operations of, The Asahi Shimbun Co.

About Exchange information

The Exchange information provided in this service should be considered reference material. Users themselves are asked to undertake final confirmation of the accuracy of the information.

The Asahi Shimbun will bear no responsibility for any errors or delays in content or any actions taken based on the information provided.

Exchange information updates provided by Thomson Reuters are for about 10 minutes ago in the fastest case. Depending on the time slot, transaction prices from the Tokyo market, London market and New York market, where the major transactions are occurring, are displayed.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding transactions, there may be time periods when information updates do not occur.


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