The Asahi Shimbun's policy on the protection of personal information

Recognizing the importance of personal information and in order to thoroughly protect such information, The Asahi Shimbun will not only abide by the laws and regulations that are applicable to personal information, but will handle personal information according to the following guidelines (except for information obtained, utilized and possessed for the purpose of use in reporting and writing). Regarding personal information used for the purposes of reporting and writing, The Asahi Shimbun separately defines and publicizes the guidelines for protection by considering the fundamental spirit of the law and based on the ethics that individuals involved in reporting and publishing should abide by.

Personal information

Personal information refers to information related to a customer, including name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, occupation, e-mail address and any other information provided that will allow for identification of the customer.

Obtaining and utilizing personal information

The Asahi Shimbun will obtain personal information through appropriate means. When personal information is obtained directly from a customer, it will be obtained, in principle, after clearly stating the purpose for which that information will be used. The Asahi Shimbun will also never handle personal information beyond the limits of the clearly stated purposes for which the information was obtained.

Protection and management of personal information (personal data)

Regarding the personal information obtained, the Asahi Shimbun will make efforts to secure the accuracy of the contents of the data, within the necessary limits for achieving the purposes for which the information is to be used, and will handle the data appropriately to prevent illegal access to the information in question as well as to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and leaking of the information in question. To accomplish this, the personal information database will be protected and managed in a stringent manner. A responsible individual will be assigned in each department that handles personal information and that individual shall be knowledgeable about the manner in which the information is managed. Such work will be overseen by a department that will be in charge of the entire company and will make efforts to prevent any omission.

Except in cases based on the law, The Asahi Shimbun will not provide or disclose to a third party the personal information of a customer without the consent of that individual.

When a third party is commissioned to perform some part of operations as part of efforts to fulfill the business objectives of The Asahi Shimbun, The Asahi Shimbun will obligate and have implemented by the third party through a written contract the appropriate management of that information to prevent illegal usage, such as leakage, of the personal information in question. When personal information is provided to a specified third party after obtaining the consent of the customer, The Asahi Shimbun asks in writing of that third party that it stringently and appropriately manages the personal information in question.

Items related to release of information based on the personal information protection law.

Purpose of use

The personal information obtained by The Asahi Shimbun will be used in conjunction with the business operations of The Asahi Shimbun in line with (1) the delivery and provision of products and services; (2) announcements about products and services; (3) studies for the purpose of improving existing products and services or developing new products and services; and (4) the mailing of announcements, presents and surveys for products and services provided by advertisers.

Notification, disclosure and correction of the purpose of use

For personal information of customers possessed by The Asahi Shimbun (personal data possessed), if the customer seeks the notification of the purpose of use or disclosure as well as correction, addition and deletion (hereafter, correction, addition and deletion will together be referred to as correction), the customer should make a request with Customer Support at The International Digital News Section of The Asahi Shimbun. Once the applicant is confirmed as being the customer himself, the necessary study will be conducted and if there is appropriate reason for the request, a response in terms of notification of the purpose of use, disclosure or correction will be made without delay and the customer will be notified of the results. However, personal information that must be deleted within six months is not considered personal data as defined by law and will, in principle, be exempted from these measures.

Suspension of use

Based on the personal information it possesses, The Asahi Shimbun may send to customers by e-mail or postal mail or make telephone calls about announcements and surveys related to specific products and services. If such communications are unnecessary, they will be suspended after a request is placed with Customer Support at The Asahi Shimbun. If an individual desires a suspension of direct mailings and e-mail magazines, the individual should directly contact the appropriate body listed on the document or envelope the individual has received.

The procedures for those individuals who desire a suspension of use or deletion (hereafter referred to as suspension of use) because of suspected legal violations in the obtaining and usage by The Asahi Shimbun of the personal information (personal data possessed) can be obtained by reviewing the application methods defined by The Asahi Shimbun. Once the applicant is confirmed as being the customer himself, the necessary study will be conducted and if there is appropriate reason for the request, a suspension of use will be conducted without delay and within the limits necessary to correct the violation.

Contact office and handling of complaints

The contact office at The Asahi Shimbun for inquiries about the handling of personal information is as follows:

Customer Support

International Digital News Section
The Asahi Shimbun


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