"360-Degrees Lives" is a series of semispherical, 360-degree panoramic videos taken with a small camera. The shots provide a wide-ranging look at the lives of animals and insects cared for at zoos and other facilities. Users can view images taken from rare angles of prairie dog pups approaching the camera buried in the ground as well as beetles skillfully walk on top of the lenses.

The lion is king of all it surveys either in the wild or in captivity

July 20, 2022 update!

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Lions are called the king of the jungle for good reason. With their fearsome appearance and physical strength, adults have virtually no natural predators.

Also known as the king of beasts, lions actually do not live in the jungle. They primarily inhabit African savannas, or grasslands with scattered trees.

Lions are the second largest among big cats after tigers. Adult males, which boast golden manes, sometimes weigh more than 250 kilograms.

... (By TOSHIYUKI TAKEYA/ Staff Writer)

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