Odaiba Marine Park

Historical site of Edo located in Tokyo Bay

Old Green
Green of tradition and history

The historical site of Edo which floats on this Tokyo Bay is currently popular among the people. It is a leisure spot that takes advantage the waterfront and is called “Odaiba Marine Park.” During the Edo era, Japan chose to isolate itself by restricting trade with foreign countries. Having been threatened by the fleet of Admiral Matthew Perry who sailed into Uraga with a message from the president of the United States demanding Japan open itself to trade with foreign countries in 1853, the Edo Bakufu government set up cannons off the coast of Shinagawa. That is the “Odaiba” that remains today.

Old meets New

Photo Spot

If you walk along the beautiful path that winds along the seacoast while watching ships coming on going across Tokyo Bay and the streets of the opposite shore through the Rainbow Bridge, you can experience the charm of the city opened to the waterfront. The best way to get good photos is to look for places with landmarks such as Tokyo Tower in the background.
The name “Odaiba” is derived from the place where the cannons were surrounded by stone walls.

Something Green

The Statue of Liberty standing in front of the Rainbow Bridge is a symbol of Odaiba Marine Park. A bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty was made to commemorate the statue in Paris brought for the bridge of friendship between Japan and France in 1998.

Odaiba Marine Park

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