Flower Market (Ota Market)

The flower market holds lots of flowers from all over the world, as well as all over Japan

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The Ota market owns an enormous tract of land that stretches some 400,000㎡ in the coastal area of Ota ward. The market boasts the largest volume of fruits/vegetables and flowers in Japan. The market has introduced a state-of-the-art computerized transaction system to facilitate the world’s largest flower business. They have a walkway for visitors to observe the market. There is also a Wild Bird Park in the immediate vicinity that offers a habitat for migratory fowls such as sandpipers, charadriiforms, ducks and goshawks.

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You can see loads of flowers brought in to the wholesale marker one after another from the visitors’ walkway on the 2nd floor.
Beautifully arranged phalaenopsis orchid. These orchids are often used as congratulatory bouquets in Japan.
Buyers read the auction information provided on a projector screen, and when the appropriate price comes up, they can order immediately by pressing buttons connected to the system. The innovative system also enables buyers to bid by smartphones or PCs.

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Monument of the flower section. It is conspicuously visible from a distance.

Flower Market (Ota Market)

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