Showa Kinen Park

Access to natural Japanese garden

Old Green
Green of tradition and history
New Green
Green of innovation

A 60,000㎡ Japanese garden is located in part of the Showa Kinen Park, which was built on the former site of an American military base to commemorate 50 years reign of Emperor Showa (Hirohito). The change of the four seasons is beautiful, and the red and yellow leaves of autumn are especially wonderful. An artificial mountain is built inside the garden. Water gushing forth from the mountain forms a stream that empties into a pond. Traditional Japanese garden technology is used up to the finest details. It features natural, bright and freely scenery. There is also a bonsai garden adjacent to the park.

The yellow cosmos garden is popular in the autumn. In spring, cherry blossoms, tulips and poppies bloom one after another.

Photo Spot

Pond in the center of the garden. The garden paths that run around the circumference of the pond are called “pond walk.” The garden is made up of typical elements of Japanese gardens. The best shots can be obtained on days when there is no wind and the colors of surrounding scenery are reflected on the pond on windless day.
Bonsai Garden. It has fine bonsai that express history and tradition, which were donated by bonsai enthusiasts from all over Japan.

Something Green

Uji green tea soft ice cream. The chocolate cone has symbol tree Japanese zelkova as the motif.

Showa Kinen Park

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